Get Crackin' Nutcracker

The Get Crackin’ Nut Cracker has a "V" Groove design that cracks the nut shell more uniformly giving the user more complete nut meats. The Get Crackin’ Nut Cracker can crack Pecans, Walnuts, even the toughest of nuts – the Black Walnut, without any adjustment to the nut cracker. The Get Crackin’ Nut Cracker is built solidly with leverage that makes even the hardest of nuts easy to crack no matter your hand strength. The long lever of the Get Crackin’ Nut Cracker makes it more effective than other nutcrackers. The Get Crackin’ Nut Cracker does not need to be mounted to crack nuts. The Get Crackin’ Nut Cracker is fast, smooth and made to last a lifetime. The Get Crackin’ Nutcracker is constructed of 11 Gauge steel (1/8" thickness) and 3/16" steel. The unit is completely welded together (fully assembled).

Get Crackin' Nutcracker
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